A Multi-band Microstrip Planar Inverted-F Antenna for Wireless Applications

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering‎, ‎Isfahan University of Technology‎, ‎Isfahan 8415683111, Iran

2 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering‎, ‎Isfahan University of Technology‎, ‎Isfahan 8415683111. Iran


A new multi-band planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) is presented for wireless applications‎. ‎PIFA is‎ ‎designed in two stages‎. ‎First‎, ‎the antenna consists of a radiating plate injected with a slot and it is shorted to ground plane with two shorting walls‎. ‎The structure covers three bands‎. ‎A small and narrow slot on the ground plane is embedded to afford increasing the bandwidths of the antenna at the resonance frequencies and improve radiation patterns at the second resonance frequency‎, ‎thereby giving a more omnidirectional pattern‎. ‎Second‎, ‎a parasitic element is used at the antenna to design a quad-band PIFA antenna‎. ‎Moreover‎, ‎an L-shaped slot is embedded on the radiating plate to improve the reflection coefficient at the third resonance frequency‎. ‎The antenna is optimized to operate at 1.1 GHz‎, ‎2.4 GHz‎, ‎3.6 GHz and 5.3 GHz bands‎. ‎It can be used both indoor and outdoor wireless video‎, ‎wireless cameras and wireless security applications at the 1.1 GHz band‎, ‎Bluetooth‎, ‎Wi-Fi and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) at the 2.42 GHz band‎, ‎Microwave Access (m-WiMAX) at the 3.6 GHz band‎, ‎and WLAN at the 5.3 GHz‎ . ‎The antenna is simulated and fed through a coaxial cable connected to the feeding strip; then it is fabricated and measured‎. ‎The total antenna volume of the proposed design is 90×42×7.5 mm2‎.