Performance Comparison of the Target Detection Methods in High Speed Platform Forward Looking SAR (HSP-FLSAR)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 electrical and computer engineering, malek ashtar university of technology, tehran, iran

2 Department of electrical and electronic engineering- malek ashtar university of technology

3 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept., Malek-e-Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Sea target detection in the HSP-FLSAR images has not been addressed so far in the literature. In this paper we carry out a comparative evaluation of existing SAR target detection algorithms in the case of monostatic HSP-FLSAR range Doppler images assuming a platform diving trajectory. To do so, various CFAR methods, including CA-CFAR, SOCA-CFAR, GOCA-CFAR, OS-CFAR, VIE-CFAR, and G0 distribution CFAR algorithms, are used to detect a set of point scatterers in simulated images. The performance of methods is compared based on receiver operating characteristic curves. Simulation results show that OS-CFAR has the best probability of detection for a fixed probability of false alarm. This paper can be a starting point to find better target detection methods in HSP-FLSAR images.