Square Lattice Elliptical- Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Soliton-Effect Compressor at 1550nm




 In this paper, we investigate the evolution of supercontinuum and femtosecond optical pulses generation through square lattice elliptical-core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) at 1550 nm by using both full-vector multipole method (M.P.M) and novel concrete algorithms: symmetric  split-step Fourier (SSF) and  fourth order Runge Kutta (RK4) which is an accurate method to solve the general  nonlinear Schrodinger equation (GNLSE). We propose a novel square lattice PCF structure featuring a minimum anomalous  group velocity dispersion (GVD), nearly zero third-order dispersion (TOD) and enhanced nonlinearity for efficient soliton–effect compression of femtosecond optical pulses and  supercontinuum generation(SCG) with lowest  input  pulse energies over discrete distances of the fiber.