A GaAs-Based LNA with less than 1-dB measured NF for X-Band Communication Systems

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Sharif University of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering Tehran,Iran

2 shahrood university


In communication systems, Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) with low noise performance are essential components. This work introduces a LNA for radio frequency front-end receivers with a frequency range of 8–9.6 GHz. The planned LNA contains a two-stage high-electron-mobility transistor cascade amplifier with a minimum measured Noise Figure (NF) of 0.8 dB and a peak gain of 25 dB at room temperature. The proposed LNA is based on a GaAs FET transistor (CE3512K2) because of its good low noise performance at microwave frequency bands. The measured results demonstrate that the proposed LNA is perfectly matched over the whole operational frequency spectrum of the input/output ports (|S11| < -10 dB, |S22| <-10 dB). In addition, the suggested LNA draws a current of 20 mA and operates with a +3.6 V and a -3.6 V power supply. The recommended LNA is appropriate for X frequency bands applications.


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