A Miniaturized Fractal Defected Ground Structure Super-Widedband Antenna for Wireless Communication Systems

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Electrical Engineering Depart., Faculty of Engineering, Yasouj University, Yasouj 75918-74831, Iran

2 College of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


A low profile fractal defected ground structure (DGS) antenna is presented for super-wideband (SWB) wireless communication applications. The designed antenna covers a very wide frequency range from 1 to 27.4 GHz (impedance bandwidth of 186%) with |S11|<-10 dB. Moreover, In spite of small electrical dimension of the proposed antenna (0.11 λ× 0.11 λ), a large bandwidth dimension ratio of 15372 is resulted. The SWB operation is achieved by using fractal DGS on the ground plane to improve the impedance characteristics between adjacent resonant frequencies. The antenna consists of a 34×34×1.6 mm3 FR4 substrate with a dielectric constant of 4.4 and a narrow rectangular radiator. A multi-frequency resonance characteristic is obtained by increasing the fractal slot iterations on the ground plane. The simulation results are verified by experimental measurements. Measured data are in good agreement with the simulated results. The frequency- and time-domain characteristics of the antenna including impedance matching, far-field patterns, gain, radiation efficiency, group delay, and fidelity factor are presented and discussed. The results indicate that the antenna has good performance over the entire operating bandwidth which make it very potential candidate for integration in SWB wireless communication systems.


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