Radiation Pattern Analysis of Inverted-F Antenna Mounted on the Side Wall of a Long Cylinder

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Malek Ashtar University, P. O. Box 1774-15875, Tehran, Iran.

2 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept., Malek-e-Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


An analytical technique is proposed for estimation of the radiation pattern of inverted-F antenna (IFA) which is mounted on the side wall of a long cylinder. The method can be applied to describe the IFA radiation in a lot of practical cases. It is indicated that this radiation pattern is a combination of radiation patterns of a horizontal and a vertical small radiator, near the cylinder with a certain proportion. Some discussion is presented about this proportion and analytical results are compared with the simulations. Also the proportion is formulated in terms of antenna dimensions using a GA optimization. Finally a typical applicable IFA with smooth radiation pattern is fabricated and its radiation pattern is measured to verify the proposed method. The proposed method can help the designer to estimate the radiation pattern of IFA antenna that mounted on a big cylinder quickly before the simulation.