Incremental adaptive networks implemented by free space optical (FSO) communication

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of electrical and computer engineering, Urmia University.

2 Urmia university

3 Urmia University


The aim of this paper is to fully analyze the effects of free space optical (FSO) communication links on the estimation performance of the adaptive incremental networks. The FSO links in this paper are described with two turbulence models namely the Log-normal and Gamma-Gamma distributions. In order to investigate the impact of these models we produced the link coefficients using these distributions and assumed that the network is exchanging data between the nodes that are contaminated with these coefficients. Firstly, by the FSO link assumption, we performed the theoretical analysis for the steady-state performance of the adaptive network and driven closed-form relations explaining the link impacts. Secondly, we performed simulation results for Log-normal and Gamma-Gamma link conditions and presented various results for different levels of turbulence. Finally, we compared the theoretical and analytical results showing a close agreement between these two findings. The results are presented by the means of mean square deviation (MSD) and excess mean square error (EMSE) values.