A New Circular Polarization Metamaterial Ferrite Phase Shifter

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MUT university

2 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Malek Ashtar University, P. O. Box 1774-15875, Tehran, Iran.

3 Malek Ashtar University of Technology


In this paper, a new X band Metamaterial (MTM) based ferrite phase shifter is presented. The phase shifter is excited by circular polarized wave base on combination of TE10 and TE01 modes in a square waveguide. In order to synthesize negative refractive index metamaterial (NIM), negative permeability of ferrite slabs in extraordinary mode is mixed with the negative permitivity of printed periodic metallic wires on substrate, in the same frequency band. By using the introduced new circular polarized MTM based layout, the proposed phase shifter loss is less than 3 dB, which treated the main disadvantage of MTM waveguide phase shifters with about 10 dB loss. Also, the proposed phase shifter profits the miniaturization property of MTM design usage. The total length of the phase shifter is 2 cm with 360° differential phase shift, compared to common dual mode phase shifter with 6 cm length in X band.


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